Welcome to the New Website!

 I am so glad that you have taken time to look at our new website.  We intend to utilize the website as a tool to inform you of all the happenings of our faith family at First Baptist Church Ponca City.  Aaron Roberston, our Minister of Music and Media, has worked very hard to make this website user-friendly and informative.  We will do our best to keep it updated so you know the very latest on how God is directing us as a church.

So check it out frequently.  And come check us out frequently by attending church, participating in Sunday School, getting involved in a ministry, and committing to a discipleship relationship.  There will be many more posts to come, so keep checking!


What a blessing to be a part of this wonderful faith family!


Pastor Andy


  1. I don’t feel it was a matter of God showing up. I think God was / is always there.
    You spoke the word He desired our body to hear. Hearts were in tune and allowed His Spirit to move. Which it did in a mighty way.
    God is doing a work at FBPC. That much is sure. You are the man he has chosen to do this work through. That this happened on your 1st anniversary date with being our body may be significant or may not. I have my own views on that…..I will just say that I believe there are no coincidences where God is concerned.
    I am humbled to see God move. I am humbled to be His. I am thankful that I can be a part of FBPC and hope that in the coming seasons that I will be better able and willing to serve my Lord what ever that may entail. I know there is a place for all of us. To see the baptisms were very touching moments. To see young and old alike profess the Lord strengthens my spirit.
    Pastor Mike Seabaugh spoke a wonderful sermon on rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, and how I felt that was such a timely sermon as it pertained to our fellowship at the time. I think that you have been given the mantle so to speak to lead us forward in rebuilding our spiritual walls. So we move. Holy Spirit humble us. Holy Spirit lead us. Holy Spirit heal us. Holy Spirit guide us and keep us from our ways.

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