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Wentz Baptism Service

Sunday evening, July 29, 2012 our church family gathered at Wentz Campground for a Camp Report Night and Baptismal Service.  The dining hall quickly filled to capacity and we wound up scrapping the report time and moving straight into the baptismal service.  Here are some pictures from the event!

Wentz Dining HallCrowded Dining HallCamp Report Dinner 2Wentz StepsWentz Baptism 1Wentz Baptism 2Wentz Baptism 3Wentz Baptism 4Wentz Baptism 5Wentz Baptism 6Wentz Baptism 7Wentz Baptism 8Wentz Baptism 9Wentz Baptism 10Wentz Baptism 11Wentz Baptism 12Wentz Baptism 13Wentz Baptism 14Wentz Baptism 15


  1. We are SO sad we had to miss this exciting time of so many baptisms!!! Thank you for posting pictures. It is hard to look at them without getting teary eyed and getting goose bumps!!! It is so exciting to be a part of a Spirit Filled, growing and loving church family! Congratulations to everyone who was baptized and Congratulations to our church for all of the new members that came forward on Sunday.

    In Christian Love,
    Doug and Ruthie Johnson

    P.S. LOVE the updated websight!!!

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