Adoption IS the Heart of the Gospel

Last night I saw the movie “October Baby” with about 700 close friends from various churches in Ponca City.  The movie depicted a girl searching to find peace with having nearly been the victim of a botched abortion.  The message hits close to home for many people.  Some have had abortions and need healing.  Some were adopted, or have adopted children.

I won’t “give away” the movie, but there was one scene which particularly struck me.  Much of the movie runs through the theme of the relationship between the daughter and her father.  As with any parent-child relationship, there were moments of misunderstanding, hurt, and resentment.  But in the end the daughter turns and runs back to her daddy.  I think something flew in my eye during that scene!

Adoption – A beautiful biblical metaphor of salvation!  Paul describes God’s rescuing of us from our sin and making us His children as “adoption” in Romans 8:14-17.  In Galatians 4:4-5 we receive the gift of adoption at just the right time.

This past week Pat Robertson, the high-profile Christian leader of the 700 Club, lost his mind.  When answering questions sent in by viewers, he made a real fool of himself, revealed his Biblical ignorance, and showed his “prosperity gospel” hand.

Robertson suggests that a child who grew up with brain damage is “weird” and unworthy of adoption.  Obviously, Robertson is the one with the faulty brain at this point.

Adoption IS the heart of the Gospel.  There may be no greater visual demonstration of God’s love toward us than to see a family who “looks like the United Nations.”

I am thankful I have been adopted into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ.  I am thankful the Scriptures use the adoption metaphor.  I am extremely thankful for so many friends who have adopted.

Can someone tell the “Joe Biden of Christianity” that what he described in this senile moment is actually the Gospel?  Who else is thankful that God chose to bring into his family those who are horrifically damaged by sin and “weird”?  Come on, Pat!  Watch the movie!

Just a thought.

Pastor Andy

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