Choir Tour Day 3 – Almost World’s of Fun

Well…today started off with a bang.  You know, the kind of bang that comes on the heels of a large lightning strike near where you are sleeping.  So, after waiting out the storm for a little while we realized today might not be our day to go to World’s of Fun.  So, I got on the phone, changed our tickets to Wednesday and we tried to figure out other things to do.  First we got out and went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, then headed down to the Crown Center in downtown K.C. to hang out for a bit.  I bought everyone tickets to see EPIC.  I think I might be the only person that thought it was a funny movie.  Not sure I’d call it epic.

After the movie we left the Crown Center, drove past the WWI memorial (thank you, Veterans) and circled around downtown K.C. a couple of time (we got turned around).  Then we drove out to Kansas City, KS and did a little shopping at the outlet mall LEGENDS.  Not sure it’s legendary.  There were several restaurants to choose from including The T-Rex Cafe, Arthur Bryant’s, and Chili’s.  Some of the girls went to T-Rex.  I went to Arthur Bryant’s and our boys went to Chili’s of all places (don’t they know we have one in Ponca?).

I will say this for our group: These kids are great!  They have maintained a rigid state of flexibility in all that’s come our way.  When they could have complained they didn’t.  I would take them anywhere.  Also, maybe it’s good we didn’t go to World’s of Fun today.  They will still have voices to sing tomorrow!

Pray for us tomorrow as we go to Chilicothe and sing at the Baptist Home.  Then we go back downtown to work at the City Union Mission.

– Aaron

P.S. – Home concert will be Sunday morning…not Wednesday.

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