VBS, Father’s Day, and the Gospel

FBC Ponca Cit is winding down this year’s version of VBS. The Colossal Coaster World has been a thrilling ride. As the pastor of the church, I enjoy daily watching the little ones coming in the doors and the sound of running feet down the halls. It makes my heart glad to know that they are having the gospel presented to them daily.

This weekend is Father’s Day. Appropriate to follow on the heels of VBS, don’t you think? Of course it is! The primary responsibility of spiritual development of children does not reside with the children’s ministry…or even with the church for that matter! It belongs to the home. And spiritual leadership begins with dads.

So, this week, as we continue to study through the gospel of Mark we will land on Mark 10:13-16. Perfect. The Gospel has requirements. And what does it require? That we receive it as a child. Ahhh…back to VBS…and to Father’s Day! What does it mean to receive the kingdom of God like a child? Please! I am not telling you NOW. You either have to be here or watch live at But I promise you this…I will say something to challenge you, something to comfort you, and something to make you think. And hopefully we will hear from God, learn from His Word, and be changed.


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