First Five – The Great Day of Service

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Undoubtedly, the Great Day of Service has become a favorite day of the year at First Baptist Church Ponca City. Thanks to the vision of Rob Murray and the organization of French McLemore, FBC sends out more than 30 teams of workers into our community to concentrate their efforts on homes, people, and lives. We do more than pick up trash and mow lawns. We change minds. Hopefully for the glory of God and the growth of His Kingdom. We just completed our 3rd annual Great Day of Service. Our church sent out 487 people. This year 11 churches joined with us, working on over 100 homes, a school, and more than 1200 florescent yellow shirts could be seen serving throughout the community. Here is my First Five on this year’s Great Day of Service.

5. Hearing team leaders say “I have the BEST team. I can’t wait to do this again.” People bond over serving together. The leaders led their teams to serve…and they did it so well.

4. One young father excitedly reported of sharing the gospel with a resident who later came to the church for the rally. The Great Day of Service is about works AND words – the Word of Life.

3. Observing senior adults directing traffic, handing out hot dogs, holding trash bags and raking up leaves. Their example has impacted many lives. They remind us that as long as there is breath in the lungs God can use any willing vessel.

2. Seeing children and teenagers joyfully serving alongside parents and other adults. The predominantly self-absorbed attitude of the age took a right hook on the chin concerning the upcoming generations!

1. Churches working together. God must be pleased.

That’s my Great Day of Service 2014 First Five.

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