First Five – Together for the Gospel 2014

Laurie and I recently had the privilege of attending the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville, Kentucky. This conference is an encouragement, primarily to preachers, but to the Church as a whole. Laurie and I had not been to a conference together in a long time. We heard great preaching, informative panel discussions on particularly relevant topics, and incredible worship. So, I want to give you my First Five on the conference. A few will have web links to some of the BEST sermons we heard (they were all great). I encourage you to listen if you can.

5. We looked for many friends from Oklahoma, but continuously found ourselves running into the “main speakers” of the conference. I stood next to David Platt in the airport in Detroit, had John Piper wave at me coming out of a restaurant, talked with Mark Dever at the hotel, Russell Moore walking to get coffee, Tom Pennington while we were walking to the bookstore (he smarted off about my OU shirt – he is an Alabama fan), and Phil Johnson while in the Zero Dollar bookstore. If you don’t know who all these people are, think of running into your favorite players from your favorite football team that you thought you would never meet – in two days.

4. But it got better than that. Laurie and I had lunch with two of our favorite people – Ted and Jerri Kersh. Ted is the pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church and has been a mentor for me for many years (even when he didn’t know it). You know that saying “they don’t come any better than this”? Yep. That is Ted and Jerri Kersh.

3. David Platt’s sermon on prayer. Wow!

2. Ligon Duncan’s sermon on The Gospel by Numbers. Wow! You have to stick with it through the first 20 minutes, then…hold on to your seat.

1. Kevin DeYoung’s sermon on God’s Unbreakable Bible. Wow! Wow! Maybe the best sermon I have heard in the last year.

OK, so this does not include my favorite preacher John MacArthur or my favorite cultural commentator Al Mohler. Both gave incredible sermons. So did John Piper. And Mark Dever. They were all good. And…they gave us each 15 free books. But I only had room for my…First Five.


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