Hi Church Family

God is still sovereign and our mission has not changed. We are still called to expand the Gospel to our neighbors and serve those in need.

Our ministry staff met on Wednesday 3/18 and put some plans in place for the next several weeks. Obviously, everything is very fluid right now and these plans could need to change overnight. But for now, here is what we want you to know.

  1. Communication – This is going to incredibly important in the days to come. We are going to do our best to communicate with you in the most thorough way possible. Let me point out the primary ways that you can stay in touch with what is going on with the FBC family.
  • Website – We will have a dedicated page that will provide you with both an ongoing plan for FBC but also links to resources that might help answer questions you have about what is happening in Baptist life. https://fbcponca.org/coronavirus/
  • Facebook – Obviously this will be a huge tool for us. If you are on Facebook, you need to go right now and like and follow our Facebook page. This will help make sure that you see timely updates and even have access to some of the resources we are going to try and provide for you during these strange days. Let us encourage you even to invite your friends to like our page as they might benefit from some of the things that we will be putting out. Think of it as an invitation to come to church with you over the next few weeks!
  • Email – We will be sending out emails that try and provide updates and information moving forward. So make sure that we have your up-to date email information!
  • We are even working on an automated call system because we know that not everyone has access to emails and Facebook. So be sure that we your primary phone number.
  • Every Thursday morning we will be sending out a major update via all of these channels to keep you up to speed on what is going on here at FBC.
  1. FACILITIES – Based on what we believe to be sound advice we are going to be closing our facilities to all outside events for the foreseeable future. We anticipate being closed at least through April 5. This means that the only people that will be allowed in our facilities is church staff and ministry personnel. No other gatherings will be held.. Now obviously that will change the way that we are able to gather as a church body. So let us share with you how we are going to proceed.
  • Sunday Mornings — On Sunday mornings at 10AM we will go live on our livestream which can be accessed both through our Website and thru Facebook. If you know of someone who does not have access to watching the livestream or accessing Facebook, please let us know because we can still record our services for them and get that to them…
  • Wednesday Evenings — At 6:00PM, Michael will go live on Facebook from the church’s page to host a Bible Study and prayer time. We are working toward that being interactive where I can receive prayer requests and even answer questions during the time.
  • Wednesday Evenings-Students – At 6:00PM, Brent, will go live on his Instagram page to host a virtual gathering for students.
  • Children’s Ministry – During the week around 2:00 each day Nancy Ruth will be releasing some resources for parents to use in discipling their children.
  • Almost Daily Devotionals – Every day except Sundays and Wednesday around 11 our ministry staff is going to post a short devotional on our Facebook page. And remember since this is on Social Media you will be able to share all of this with your neighbors and others who might want to utilize it during these strange days.
  1. Bible Communities – While we may be physically distant let’s WORK HARD to stay spiritually engaged. Let me encourage both the leaders and the members of our Bible Communities to be in contact with your groups. Try to make it a point to have some type of contact with your group each week.
  2. Giving – We know that for many of you that these may be incredibly stressful times regarding finances. But let me encourage you to be faithful to give to the work of the ministry. Our mission has not changed. And though we are not gathering together we are still going to be working to minister to you and equip you to minister to your neighbors. So let me share with you the ways that you can still give to the work of the ministry through FBC.
  • This may be a perfect time to transition to online giving. You can check out how to do that over on our website. http://fbcponca.org/give/
  • You can still mail in your gifts, right now the mail is still coming!!
  • Also, you may not know but we have drop box here at the church. You are welcome to drop your gift in there. The drop point is located beside the double doors that lead into the nursery area on the corner of 6th and Oklahoma.

We believe that God can use even the Coronavirus to advance his Gospel in this world. This is calling us to remember that the church is not a building but a people and we are still a church with a mission in this world. We as a ministry staff will be working toward two ends during these days. 1) Care for our people spiritually while we can’t be there physically. And 2) Equip you to continue to expand the Gospel in your heart and in the hearts of your neighbors.

Pray for us as we pray for you.

For your good and God’s glory.